Monday, October 19, 2009

New Family Photos!!

I FINALLY got around to taking some family photos of my own family!! (Thanks to my sweet Mother-in-Law for the "NUDGE" & also for all the help pushing the button for me!!) It's been over 4 years since we've had a family photo, so I am REALLY excited about it!! I also did individual shots of my 3 oldest kids. . . my baby girl was DONE after the family shots, so I'll have to do her individuals another day! I must admit, I have a beautiful family!!

This is my sweet Marcie!! She has such a tender heart & is always trying to help those around her feel GREAT! Take a second to enlarge this photo (just click it!)! She has the most beautiful eyes! They absolutely SPARKLE!!

Isn't my little Wyatt (who's not really so little anymore :( ) SUPER handsome?!? He's growing up faster than I'm ready for!! He's ALL BOY, so in our house full of girls we LOVE it!!

This is my beautiful Morgan! I am SOO jealous of her GORGEOUS curls!!! Some days she wishes her hair was straight, but I gotta tell ya, I'd give about anything to have her curls!! She's SO LUCKY . . . wouldn't you agree?!?

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