Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One word. . . GORGEOUS!!

I just HAD to post this photo!!! I think it is SOOO gorgeous!! {S} has these amazing purple streaks in her hair that I LOVE!! I brightened them (just a tad!) for this shot to make them really POP! Doesn't she look SO BEAUTIFUL?!?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A couple more of {S} & {S}!

Here's a couple more of these GORGEOUS sisters!!! I am having so much fun going through the photos from this shoot! There are so many that I LOVE!!

I can't decide which one of these I like best...color, black & white & color, vintage, black & white, or mocha. I'd love some feedback-- which one is YOUR favorite?!?

A few more from my shoot with {H} & {C}!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preview for {S} & {S}!

These 2 sisters are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! They both have the most beautiful eyes, too!! Here's a little preview:

'Just a little preview for {H} & {C}!!

My second photo shoot this week was with {H} & {C}!! They were so great!!! Not just gorgeous & handsome, but really funny, too! It was an AWESOME shoot!!! Thanks guys for a GREAT morning!!! Here's a tiny preview!!

Doesn't {H} have the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes EVER?!?! I honestly did not enhance their coloring at ALL! (I brightened them a bit, but the coloring is all her!!) Isn't she so lucky?!?!?

Friday, August 21, 2009

{H} Gals--Black & White

I've been editing away tonight & I changed a bunch of photos to black & white. . . I LOOOVED them!!! I've always loved black & white photos, but for some reason since I've been doing photography I usually prefer color. But this time I am loving the black & white! They are definitely my favorites!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More of the {H} Family Girls!!!

Here's a little taste of the individual shots from the DARLING {H} gals!!! These girls have been friends of the family since before they were even born . . . or, well you get the idea. We consider them family & my kids call them their cousins!! We are SO thankful for their friendship & it is a BLAST when we get our families together. Imagine TEN girls & only 3 boys!! IT'S GREAT!!! he he (Our poor husbands & my son are sadly outnumbered!!) But what can you do?!? Here's to the girls!!! ;)

I couldn't resist throwing this one in, too! I had the girls make silly faces & when they started giggling {E} looked down at little {S} & it was priceless!! What a sweet sister moment! (I love the wrinkled nose, too!! My kids do the same thing!!) I couldn't decide which one I liked better; black & white or I posted both!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A little preview for the {H} family girls!!

I had a couple GREAT photo sessions with the {H} family girls last week!! I haven't had a lot of time to edit them yet, but I wanted to post a little preview of their FIVE darling girls!!! Aren't they beautiful?!? There will be many more to come!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My cute kiddos!!

I did a mini-shoot with my kids recently & here's a couple of my favorite group shots!! I was really excited that they would all SMILE for me!! --It did take some Photoshop magic to get them all smiling in the top one, but the bottom one is all them!!! (It seems to be harder to get my OWN kids to smile for photos than someone else's! Could it be because I want pictures of them so often, maybe?!? Oh well, they did fantastic!!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Introducing... baby announcements by ADbug Photography & Design!!!

I am proud to announce that I will now be offering Baby Announcements!!! I will be adding more templates as I get them created! Check back often to see my new designs!! The fees for my announcements will be as follows:
The creation fee for 1 baby announcement made from a template: $20.00**!!
The creation fee for 1 custom baby announcement designed especially for you: $30.00**++

**You must specify what size you want at the time of ordering. I can do them any size you desire. The most common sizes are 5x7 & 4x6.

!!Any colors can be changed on any template. Please specify color changes when placing your order!

++If you have something in mind for your custom announcement, please let me know when you FIRST contact me. After I design your announcement, changes can be made (& I welcome your ideas & suggestions!), but I will not start a new design for free.

Here is a sample of my templates. I will post more soon!

PS... I made up the names & information for the announcement.