Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More of the {H} Family Girls!!!

Here's a little taste of the individual shots from the DARLING {H} gals!!! These girls have been friends of the family since before they were even born . . . or, well you get the idea. We consider them family & my kids call them their cousins!! We are SO thankful for their friendship & it is a BLAST when we get our families together. Imagine TEN girls & only 3 boys!! IT'S GREAT!!! he he (Our poor husbands & my son are sadly outnumbered!!) But what can you do?!? Here's to the girls!!! ;)

I couldn't resist throwing this one in, too! I had the girls make silly faces & when they started giggling {E} looked down at little {S} & it was priceless!! What a sweet sister moment! (I love the wrinkled nose, too!! My kids do the same thing!!) I couldn't decide which one I liked better; black & white or color...so I posted both!

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  1. Those turned out so good! Thanks again!! I don't think I will ever use anyone else...